Saudade – Portuguese in the World

During the last two atypical years related to a COVID-19 pandemic, your world was upside down and the project “Stay at home – Portuguese in Copenhagen” was created.

And now a new project called “Saudade – Portuguese in the World” has been developed. It’s the same photographic approach as the previous project, portraying very briefly at your door the Portuguese who live outside Portugal, who emigrated for different reasons, but for whom “Saudade” is always present in their country.

Until the opportunity to travel is present, this photographic project is in constant progress of sharing.

Durante os últimos dois anos atípicos relacionados com a pandemia, o mundo esteve virado do avesso e o projeto “Stay at home – Portuguese in Copenhagen” foi criado.

No entanto, outro projecto foi criado e denominado por “Saudade – Portuguese in the World” com a mesma abordagem fotográfica ao retratar por breves momentos os portugueses que vivem fora de Portugal e que emigraram por diversos motivos mas que a palavra “Saudade” está sempre presente.
Até que a oportunidade de viajar esteja presente pelo mundo, este projeto fotográfico está em constante progresso de partilha.

— Uppsala, Sweden (February, 2023)

— Aarhus, Denmark (November, 2021)

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